About Us

We are a household name, and a highly reputed company well known for sales, supply and distribution of medical equipment/consumables in Nigeria. We are made up of efficient professional personnel and specialist such as Doctors, consultants, laboratory scientists and technician as well as our team of management staff; who are all achievement driven and target oriented individuals poised to make a difference in this world of able competitors.

We have grown over the past two decades and are well grounded in this field; which has improved our asset and capital base to an appreciation limit, consequently leading to links with about 36 specialist and 23 teaching hospitals and over 100 general hospitals and 1000 health care centres which we directly or indirectly supply equipment to.

More so, we work closely with most of the state governors with regards to equipping their state owned hospitals and health care centres; as well as equipping the clinics and maternity homes of most of Nigerian ministries and parastatals such defence, immigration, prisons, customs, economic and financial crimes commission, independent corrupt practices commission, amongst others.

We are very grounded and can provided in a large quantity anytime,anywhere any part of the following items; Theatre Unit, Laboratory Units, Radiology Unit,Invitro Fertilization Unit (U.V.F), Orthopaedic Unit, Physiotherapy Unit, Pharmaceutical Unit, General Clinical Unit, Labour Ward, etc.